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Advantages of Garden Irrigation Systems:

  • Cost effective Garden Management:
    Water is always applied on time and shuts off on time - this means that no water will be wasted

  • Water saving:
    Irrigation can be applied at optimal times i.e. between midnight and sunrise when evaporation and wind drift is minimal - a saving of up to 50% of your water bill can be achieved.

  • Easy programming of the controller:
    To fit your specific needs thus ensuring fast rooting and establishment for new plantings by more frequent water application.

  • No need to keep gardener with a hose:
    This is a waste of water, manpower and sometimes a security risk.

  • The ability to be absent:
    You will be able to go on vacation or to rent the property, without losing the garden - the plants in your garden are a major investment.

  • Convenience:
    The water is applied at a time of your choice and not only when you are available to open and close the tap.

  • Enhancement of your property value.

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