Of Automatic
Garden Irrigation Systems

Larger gardens take a lot of time to water by hand. Depending on the plants you grow, they may need daily watering during the summer. Installing an irrigation system may seem like a costly endeavour, but a proper installed irrigation system has several advantages;

Cost effective Garden Management

Water is always applied on time and shuts off on time – this means that no water will be wasted.

No need to keep gardener with a hose

This is a waste of water, manpower and sometimes a security risk.

Water saving
Irrigation can be applied at optimal times i.e. between midnight and sunrise when evaporation and wind drift is minimal – a saving of up to 50% of your water bill can be achieved.
The ability to be absent

You will be able to go on vacation or to rent the property, without losing the garden – the plants in your garden are a major investment.

Easy programming of the controller

To fit your specific needs thus ensuring fast rooting and establishment for new plantings by more frequent water application.


The water is applied at a time of your choice and not only when you are available to open and close the tap.