Irrigation Services

We pride ourselves in high-quality irrigation systems for gardens, residential or domestic and corporate properties.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with a  top quality irrigation system.

No two projects are the same and provide individually catered quotes to suit a scope of different requirements and different irrigation systems.

Irrigation Equipment

All piping and equipment is sourced from reputable, established importers & suppliers who provide a “no- questions-asked” back- up service. Drippers and solenoid valves are imported from Israel. Sprinklers (pop-ups, shrub heads etc.) and irrigation controllers are from the USA.

Irrigation Installation

We have extensive experience in the  design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems. We can work independently or in collaboration with your landscape architects.

Maintenance & Repair

We service corporate and domestic irrigation systems by means of maintenance agreements. We conduct a thorough inspection of the system twice a month, repair leaks, clean and adjust nozzles and check the controller (timer) program to ensure that the irrigation program is correct for the season. Dry spots are corrected.

The maintenance agreement also includes an emergency call response.

Irrigation Assessments
We are able to assess the performance of your current irrigation system and able to advise solutions or adjustments as well as service and maintenance.
Borehole Drilling

Turnkey borehole drilling & equipping which includes water divining, drilling  and installation of pumps. We also maintain service & repair borehole pumps.